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Your Visit

Your Visit

Having your vision evaluated is a quick, easy and entirely painless process.

To help you understand what to expect the first time you visit Coates Opticians we've broken down your visit into five easy to follow steps - from booking your appointment to picking up your prescription.

We're open Monday to Saturday and our friendly team are always on hand to help you with any enquiries you may have be you a new or existing patient.

Booking your appointment

Step 1 - Booking your appointment

The first step to having your eyes examined is to get in touch with us.

You can call on01482 840 989or visit the practice to make an appointment.

We'll be glad to welcome you to Coates Opticians and book you in at your earliest convenience.

Your eye test

Step 2 - Your eye test

A series of tests will be made to ensure that your eyes are healthy, including screening for glaucoma, diabetes and cataracts.

Refraction is the process of determining the glasses prescription to correct the near-sighted or far-sighted condition, ensuring a good sharpness of vision for all distances and visual tasks.

Choose your frames

Step 3 - Choose your frames

If your eye test indentifies a problem with your vision than you will need to choose a pair of frames for your prescription fitting.

We have a wide range of stylish, affordable frames for you to choose from, including designers such as Celine Dion, Janet Reger, Paul Costelloe and Julian Beaumont.

Making your prescription

Step 4 - Making your prescription

Comprehensive advice about which lens to choose enables you to select an appropriate lens for your practical needs.

Collect your glasses

Step 5 - Collect your glasses

Single vision lenses will be ready within five working days. Varifocal and more complex lenses take a little longer. Once your spectacles are ready we will let you know.

An appointment is required to ensure that spectacles are fitting correctly and that vision is satisfactory.